Postdoctoral position on Teacher Professional Development

30 de Marzo de 2021
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The candidate is expected to do research on the area of Teacher Professional Development (TPD) at CIAE of the Institute of Education of the Universidad de Chile.

The candidate is expected to do research on the area of Teacher Professional Development (TPD) (TPD Strategies, Impact of TPD, Different subjects, Active Learning, 21st century skills, etc.) at the Center for Advanced Research in Education (CIAE) of the Institute of Education of the Universidad de Chile. The candidates are required to have strong research capabilities on qualitative or quantitative (better both) methodologies to do research on ARPA*, an ongoing professional development program for teachers to improve teacher practices through active learning. The candidate is expected to actively collaborate with ARPA team and researchers from other related areas of the CIAE.


  • A PhD degree in Education, Teacher Education and Professional Development, Mathematics Education, Science Education, Social Studies Education, History and Geography Studies, Language Education, and other related fields, obtained between September, 2019 and March 30, 2021.  
  • Relevant scientific publications.
  • Quantitative and/or qualitative research capabilities
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills (Spanish is not required).

Research proposal:

The candidate must present a brief research proposal (not longer than 3000 words) to be conducted within the existing lines of research of the area. The proposal must describe the aim of the research, methodology, resources needed for its execution, and its contribution to Education.

Documents needed for the application

  • Curriculum vitae, including publication list
  • A letter stating reasons for applying (up to 2 pages)
  • At least two recent reference letters, focusing on the candidate’s academic work and research skills as well as experience in working collaboratively

The application process will be opened until March 30, 2021.

Information about the position

  • The candidate will be expected to be fully dedicated to research in an active research-oriented environment, with no teaching duties
  • Expected duration

o   One year, but the candidate will be expected to apply for external funding to continue their work at CIAE

o   Preference will be given to candidates available for a longer-term commitment

  • Financial information

o   Monthly salary: 1,800,000 Chilean pesos (before taxes; approx. 2,700 US dollars)[1]

o   Flight ticket (round trip) to Santiago, Chile will be covered


*ARPA Professional Development Program

ARPA Initiative aims to provide continuous professional development to teachers in social studies, history, geography, writing, science and mathematics at all educational levels along Chile. The program approach rests on problem solving aiming to develop 21st century abilities (


[1] As a reference, renting a furnished apartment nearby CIAE costs about 800 US dollars per month.

Fuente: Comunicaciones CIAE

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